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Coast TMMAL Production Team Member Job Description

Coast Team Members (TMs) have various duties and responsibilities including, but not limited to machining, conveyance, and assembly of all engine parts and components from raw materials to completed engines. TMs are assigned to specific jobs within the given areas based upon production needs and training. TMs are expected to operate within a set standard of work as a part of a specific process. TMs must exhibit visual and manual dexterity, strictly adhere to all safety protocols, and maintain a standard quality of product output.  Physical requirements include, but is not limited to standing 6+ hours a shift.  This position also requires that TMs rotate shifts every 2 weeks (1st Shift 6am – 2:45pm & 2nd Shift 4:45pm -1:30am).



Please note that you are about to embark on the application process for Total Productive Staffing dba Coast Personnel Services and NOT for Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama (TMMAL).  This process is so that you may possibly be assigned to work at TMMAL, but your employment would be with Coast Personnel Services.